Where are your products manufactured?

All of our products are manufactured in China. In fact, we ship directly to you from the manufacturer's warehouse. This allows us to keep costs down and get the best products to you for cheaper.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, and Mumbai India.

How long is shipping?

The downside of free shipping is there is longer shipping times.  Shipping can vary due to the location you are shipping to, but below we have listed the shipping times you should expect to each of the countries that we ship to.

United States; 12 - 20 days
Canada: 16 - 26 days
United Kingdom: 20 - 40 days
India: 18 - 28 days

*Note: Feedback from some customers tell us the shipping was much faster.*

How much is shipping?

Our shipping will always be FREE. We prefer it that way.

What if I order the wrong lens for my phone?

No worries. Just contact us and we'll sort it out. Everything you must know is in our returns policy.