Welcome to Phonelens, we are glad you have dropped by to discover a totally new world of unlimited possibilities with your photography and video. iPhone and Android have really upped their games in recent years and the quality and resolution that is now available on our phones are amazing. The only thing that has been missing are quality lenses. We now have the options to take photos that are equally as good as any DSLR with easily attachable lenses, at a fraction of the bulk and cost.

 At Phonelens not only are we passionate photographers ourselves we actually belong to a long line of amateur and professional photographers; you could say its in our blood. We have been fascinated with the possibilities and potential creativity offered with smartphone technology for a long time. Now we have the chance to live our passion and share what we believe to be the future of personal and professional photography.

 Please get in touch with us if you have any queries or would like some advice on choosing the best lens for your phone. We are very approachable and also very passionate about the products we sell. We would also love to see some of your photography taken with a phone lens and will put our favourite shots up on our site for the world to enjoy. We look forward to hearing from you soon.